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After 15 years in the corporate world, I’ve seen the good, the bad and ugliest of ugly when it comes workplace mental wellbeing.

I know first-hand how endless ideas, complicated plans and fear of speaking up about mental health can crush progress and harm the health of individuals and businesses.  

Since my own megawatt-burnout in 2018 I’ve been developing simpler ways to work that achieve goals AND care for my mental wellbeing. 

Now I use my experience and skills to support others do the same.

I’ll help you manage your work in ways that avoid burnout, nurture mental health and bring balance to your life. 

And if you are leading others, I’ll help you navigate the sensitive topic of mental health at work and create environments where your teams and business can thrive. 

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My down-to-earth coaching and training blends simplicity, honesty and mental wellbeing, enabling people and businesses to nurture mental health and get where they want to be, in a way that works for them.


My down-to-earth coaching and training blends simplicity, honesty and mental wellbeing, enabling people and businesses to nurture mental health and get where they want to be, in a way that works for them.


Whether I’m sharing my own experiences of work, business or poor mental health, giving feedback or asked to share my opinion, you can expect me to be to clear, direct and totally transparent.

I’ll deliver my words with kindness but expect plenty of hard truths to be there when needed. 


We all have ups and down with our mental health. Looking after it often takes a backseat when we’re focused on work or under pressure.   

I’ll help you understand what mental-wellness feels and looks like and support you to create ways to work that nurture it.


Practical tips &  real-life tales about removing overwhelm and nurturing mental wellness.

Happy Clients

Jessica MacAuslan, Digital Content Designer

Katie is the deep breath we often forget to take. A master in the art of simplicity, her skill of unravelling challenges to get to the core of opportunity is pure magic.

Katie helped guide me through complex situations to deliver my best for my clients without forsaking my own wellbeing. Through our tailored sessions, I’m more authentically grounded in myself, my ideas and my goals, both personally and professionally.

It was a pleasure to work with a coach who offered such deep presence, intelligence and genuine care.


Lori Ann, CEO + Founder, Freedom Within

Before working with Katie, I didn’t feel I could find the time and energy to devote to clarifying and working towards my goals. I had increasing moments of frustration and was tired of thinking about them but not getting to them.

Now I have more clarity on what I want and more time devoted to me and my goals. It’s a relief to be more focused, to be heard and understood. It’s empowering.

Everyone needs a Coach. If it can be an effective one like Katie, you’ll never look back.


Cairo Rha, CEO + Founder, Self Craft

Katie has a brilliant mind, a caring heart, and is an incredible person to have in your corner. She has the rare knack of cutting through the noise to clarify what really needs to done to make things happen.

Katie was there whilst I grappled with a lot of complexity and some very weighty decisions in my business. Her patient and caring listening, and her on-point feedback and advice were invaluable. In fact, I wish I’d worked with her sooner!

Thanks for your support, honesty, and wisdom.

Emilija Soljic, Holistic Entrepeneur

I came to Katie because I was lost. I was struggling to get clients, charge for my services and lacked confidence. 

After just one session, I had a huge breakthrough. She helped me get clear on what I wanted in my life and set me off on the path to making it happen. 

She called me out the stories I was telling myself and gave me the confidence to start marketing my services. Within 1 day I got 3 work offers, a collaboration, a new space for my practice and I felt able to charge more for classes. 

I highly recommend working with Katie. It was just the help I needed to get moving.