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71% of us are feeling burnout right now

High-stress levels and burnout are nothing new, many of us were overstretching and overworking long before the pandemic.  But since March 2020 we’ve lived in an almost constant state of stress.

Brains aren’t designed to be on high alert for such extended periods of time. It’s draining. And this stress, left unchecked, is what’s  pushing so many of us to burnout.

In fact, 71% of us have been experiencing signs of burnout recently, so if you’re feeling frazzled you’re not alone. 

Signs and symptoms of burnout include:

Exhaustion: constant tiredness, difficulty switching off, feeling mentally, physically, or emotionally drained. 

Distance: feeling detached, disengaged or indifferent to work, like you’re going through the motions.

Emotional: feeling more tearful, irritable or low, little things can spiral and push you over the edge.

Cognitive: poor concentration, easily distracted, forgetful, indecisive, or difficulty processing new information.

Physical: broken sleep, headaches, stomach issues, stiff or sore muscles, jaw tension or even an eye twitch.

IF THIS sounds familiar, this test is here to help you

The Free Burnout Test Will give you…

A burnout score: Burnout happens on a spectrum. This will tell you how burned out you are so you can get the right support. 

Next steps: Tried and tested actions you can take to start thriving inside and outside of work.

Access to free resources: Free guidance, including the Anti Burnout Bible, full of expert tips to help you feel calm and in control again.

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 In case we haven’t met…

I’m Katie, a business consultant specialising in stress and burnout and avid crumpet eater.

I burned out 3.5 times during a 15-year career in the corporate world (more on that here). Since recovering from my last in 2018, I’ve dedicated myself to helping ambitious but overwhelmed humans balance professional success and their wellbeing.

I’m a qualified Mental Health First Aider and ICF approved Executive Coach and I’ve helped hundreds of business owners and professionals to manage stress, improve productivity and feel healthier and happier both inside and outside of work. I do this by combining my lived experience of burnout with my professional expertise in projects, business strategy and communications.

I’m the caring but firm friend that understands the reality of the working world. I’ll show you how to look after your energy and make the most of your time so you can find calmer and smarter ways of working that are right for you.

Wondering whether my support is right for you? Book a free 30 minute consulation to find out how I can help. 

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