It’s Chriiiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaas.

Ok, not quite yet but it’s getting that way.  And after the stress of the last 20 months it definitely feels like all of us could do with a little bit more support for our wellbeing. And that’s exactly what this guide is here to help you do. 

Whether you’re treating yourself or want to show a little love to someone else here are a handful of afforable gifts designed to support wellbeing and soothe away stress as we head into 2022.

Calm a racing mind: Stylish journal wrap

christmas gift idea anxiety burnout mental health wellbeing

My ultimate soother is good old pen and paper. It doesn’t need to be fancy – although it’s so lovely when it is – it just needs to be a space for you to empty your head. We have over 6000 thoughts a day which can be really overwhelming. 

Writing helps us slow them down, clarify our ideas, reflect on where we’re at and how we feel. I always see really positive results (in myself and with clients) when they take time to put pen to paper and let the tangled thoughts and worries fall onto the page.

I really love the old fashioned leather wraps that you can refill and use over and over. The thought of having a well-loved piece that’s enveloped my thoughts for years is a bit romantic but also really soothing for me. This etsy shop has beautiful, personalised and handmade options

 Appreciating the small things: Some lines a day – 5 years of memories

some lines a day 5 year journal

 In a world where we are always rushing and looking to the next thing it can be very easy to forget how far you have come and all the little moments along the way that made things happen. 

I see this with so many of my clients and not stopping to remember and appreciate the small things contributes massively to the exhausted-tail-chasing-feeling that so many of us experience. 

Like many people, I find consistent journalling quite difficult to manage, I tend to lean on most when I am already stressed out despite knowing how beneficial it is.

So when I discovered this ‘Some Lines a Day’ journal I knew I had to try it. It’s a 5-year mini journal. It gives you a tiny little bit of space for each day and displays 5 years side by side making it easy to see how far you have come over that period.

It’s a real treat to flick back through already. It’s super quick and easy – 2 minutes top.

I suggest using it to give a short description of what you did that day (even if it seems small – small steps all add up!)and include and something good that happened. It will help you feel more positive and let go of the feeling that you haven’t done enough, or haven’t progressed.  

Slow down & get creative: Modern Calligraphy beginner set

some lines a day 5 year journal

Getting creative brings so many benefits to our mental wellbeing – it reduces stress, increases productivity, improves confidence and a whole lot more – but getting started can feel tough. We often feel pressured to be creating masterpieces but to get the benefits you really don’t have to.

This modern calligraphy beginners set from Lydia Packham Calligraphy is a perfect way to break the creativity free.

Loading the pen, following the guides (means you can enjoy tracing it without pressure to ‘get it right’) and learning something that you can actually use (we all have to hand write a card or letter, despite being attached to electronic devices), not only makes it feel calming but also purposeful. 

Highly recommend this – maybe even in the beautiful leather bound journal – for anyone looking to slow down their mind and sprinkle some creativity back into their days.

Soothing scents : ZEMK Care home fragrance

When we are stressed our senses can become extra sensitive – sounds, tastes and smells all hit different. But we can use that to our advantage – for example, we can choose to fragrance our environment with scents that soothe us. 

The bit of our brains that processes smell is the same as the bit that processes emotions and memories. So we can choose a scent that takes us back to a moment of calm or choose one we like and combine it with a soothing ritual – over time it will get locked into our brains.

Currently, I am in love with candles, wax melts and diffusers from ZEMK Care. Not only are they a sustainable, ethical and charitable brand that cares about mental wellbeing… But their products smell absolutely divine and they have something for every day of the week.

Each time I smell the Velvet Rose & Oud scent I am transported to a hammock in northern Ibiza. If that isn’t good for wellbeing then I don’t know what is! 

Colour pops and kindness: Clothing from The Enthusiast & Co. 

christmas gift idea wellbeing anxiety stress calm

I detest going clothes shopping (so, so, so many reasons behind this – you can get an idea of why from this previous blog) and have spent most of my adult life in black, grey and khaki.

But I’ve recently started wearing colour. And not just any colour. But bright orange, pink and peach all thanks to the beautiful pieces from The Enthusiast & Co. 

Not only are the clothes fun, beautiful quality and sustainable but the messages emblazoned on them means that you can’t help but smile and make others smile when you wear them.  

Check out this gorgeous sweater and tshirt . Once you put them on you will be skipping down the stairs in the morning.  Highly recommend these for a light hearted injection of enthusiasm into your life.

Toasty toes: A personalised, stylish, hot water bottle

chistmas gift ideas wellbeing mental health anxiety stress relief

Obviously, a cosy bottle feels great on a winter’s night (and can help keep you heating bills down – good for you and the evironement) but it can also really help with some of the symptoms of anxiety. 

A little known fact about anxiety is that it can make your extremities very cold when it strikes. Your hands and feet can get pretty chilly when things are feeling a bit too much and the heat works wonders on them.

It’s also amazing for soothing muscular aches and pains that commonly come with stress and burnout.

Again, you don’t need anything fancy but if you’re going to make it a treat then this personalised one from Catherine Cole Brook, Not on the High Street is a great option. 


Put the kettle on: Anxiety friendly passionate flower  chai

christmas gift ideas

And last but not least is this dreamy passionflower chai latte mix by Mila’s Apothecary. Coffee can be really triggering for anyone who suffers with anxiety. Heck, it can even turn a slightly stressful situation into a full-scale crisis if consumed when we’re under pressure. 

If you’re looking for something delicious that won’t push you over the edge (in fact it will actively pull you in the other direction) then this soothing chai blend is for you. 

Brucey bonus, this mix is made up of whole, organic spices, passionflower leaves (great for an anxious mind and body) and is totally caffeine, dairy and sugar-free. The warm spices are perfect for the darker months and make a great stocking filler. 

Personalised Wellbeing Support: Stress Soothing Coaching session

christmas gift ideas

If you or your stressed out loved one is more into experiences than ‘things’ then perahps a personalised stress soothing coaching session is the way to go. All the above things can really help but having some to work through everything with can have a much deeper and longer last impact on wellbeing.

If you’d like to gift yourself or someone else a supportive one to one session where they will create create a tailor made wellbeing plan with a months worth of follow up guidance to start 2022 calm and collected, hit the button below to book. You’ll get worksheets and personalised email with all the details of the gift.

Mention that you have come via this blog when booking and you’ll get a 10% discount (£224).   

If you’d like more expert advice, tip and tools that help you soothe stress and feel calm and in control then sign up to get the “The Anti Burnout Bible” for free.