my story

Hi, I’m Katie

Here’s a little bit about me,
My BURNout and mental health 


I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed + BURNED OUT…

My entire life I’d been an overachiever, a perfectionist. Throwing myself at everything I did, 110%. My professional life was no different.

For 15 years I helped leaders of Governments, Businesses and Start-Ups to improve how they worked and polish their image. 

But the constant demands and internal politics left me overwhelmed and unfulfilled. I hit BURNOUT and my physical and mental health crumbled. 

I knew that I needed to make some big changes if I were to get better and stay better, but I had no idea where to start. 

Removing overwhelm and recovering from burnout

With therapy, coaching and lots of self-reflection, I began to understand what I really wanted and started planning how to get it, step-by-step.

I used what I learned in the previous 15 years to create a clear, simple plan to start my own business. One that would allow me to be successful AND look after my mental health (it’s possible to do both, honest!). 

With these new ways of working there was far less overwhelm; my anxiety faded, my confidence returned and my business grew.

Now, I help overwhelmed people and businesses avoid burnout and nurture mental health with simple, practical coaching, traing and wellbeing strategies.  

Sound good?

who to expect

I’ve told you what to expect when working with me but not who to expect, so here goes…

I’m a smiler – my big, shiny teeth are on show a lot.

I celebrate the smallest things, sometimes with high fives. If that’s not your thing then I’m probably not either.

I’m fond of tears – happy or sad ones. I’ll try not to highjack yours, I promise.

My B.S radar is pretty strong. I routinely call myself out and there’s a chance I’ll (gently) do the same with you.

I adore Malbec, salty butter, travelling and cheesy 90s music. Only bring these up if you’ve got some real time to talk!

I’m a recovering perfectionist but you can still expect me to be very organised and very prepared, across a simple mix of paper and tech.  

My word is my bond (said in my poshest English accent).

I love accents but I’m pretty bad at them, much to the despair of my American partner.

Get in touch if you would like to hear me try out yours!


I’m here to make burnout extinct.

Why? Because it’s absolutely awful and I don’t want anyone to experience it again, EVER!

If you’ve lived it, you won’t need more of an explanation than that.

If you haven’t, then I want to keep you safe, calm and burnout-free. And if you lead a team, I want you to be able to support them to do the same. 

Burnout is the result of prolonged periods of work-based stress that nearly always stem from feelings of overwhelm.

By breaking things down – be that sensitive mental health conversations or important projects for your business – we remove overwhelm and create spaces where us humans can thrive.

And who wouldn’t want that?

A little bit more about me...

I’m combining my lived experiences and passion to extinguish burnout with my academic and professional expertise.  

Here’s a taster of how I have built up that expertise with continued learning and development:


  • ICF Coach (International Coaching Federation)
  • Exec + Leadership Coach (Coachology)
  • Mental Health First Aider (Level 3)
  • Facilitator (ILM) 
  • Project Management (APMG Prince 2)
  • Business Change Practitioner (APMG)
  • Communication for Leadership + Change (PSMW)
  • MA International Public Relations (JOMEC)

Happy Clients

Roxy Ebrahim-Khan, Podcaster + Content Producer

I kept putting off creating a plan to get my new podcast up and running. It felt overwhelming, I was questioning my idea, and my confidence dropped.

From the first session, working with Katie was great. I broke through my excuses and drilled into my idea to make a clear plan. Now, I know what I want to do and how. I have a plan to stick to so things don’t get delayed.

Katie helped me see the project was far simpler than I thought. My feelings of overwhelm disappeared and were replaced with calmness, confidence and excitement. Now, my faith in my idea grows every time I talk about it.

Théo Cremel, Naturopath + Founder Naturo Gravity

I was managing many projects at once, I was stressed and unproductive. I wanted the time, space and energy to bring clarity and effectiveness to my work. I wanted to understand what was important v urgent.

That’s what I’ve discovered with Katie. She is very attentive, with great energy and straightforward questions to get your goals clearer and simpler.

I’ve found a better balance in my own time management to build my online course. I’m now able to find the right pace of development without getting overwhelmed.

I highly recommend Katie to anyone looking for effective upgrades in themself and time-management

Rachel Davies, Credit Controller

I really wanted to get fit but I struggled with motivation. Katie dug deep into my reasons for inaction and I realised I was focusing on the wrong thing.

We reassessed why fitness mattered to me and it went way deeper than expected. It was about respecting what was really important and taking control of my life. With a new, inspiring goal I stayed on track and she helped me to overcome challenges as they came up. 

Exercise has now become an important part of my life, but the things I learned about myself in the process were applied to the way I work, live and how I understand happiness. Thank you Katie!

Orly Faya, Creative Agency Mentor + Artist

Before starting with Katie I was feeling overwhelmed because I had a lot of unfinished projects and not enough structure. I felt unfocused.

Now, as I continue working with her, I’m moving towards a very focused perspective of what I am doing and offering. 

I would highly recommend Katie as she has tons of experience with executive coaching and consulting. She has a real love of organising and keeping people focused on their goals and I have no doubt that with her guidance, one will reach them.


I scrapped myself off the floor and lived to tell the tale…