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I help overwhelmed individuals and businesses avoid burnout and nurture mental health with personalised and practical coaching and training. 

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1 Vuelio Managing our mental wellbeing at work. Podcast (video)
2 EuroNews Can virtual wellness retreats really compete with a beach in Bali News (Comment)
3 The Independent Burnout has been prolific during the Covid-19 pandemic – here’s how we can change our working lives to recover News (Comment)
4 The Leopard Burnout Is Most Likely To Happen At Age 32, But What Does It Look Like? Blog (interview)
5 NaturalHR Ask an expert: how can HR help employees to manage pandemic burnout? News (interview)
6 The Telegraph Why office perks are not enough to stop staff burning out News (Comment)
7 Business Express Is working from home helping or hindering wellbeing News (full article)
8 As We Are Employee Wellbeing - genuine care or token gesture? Blog (interview)
10 Positively Productive Avoiding Burnout Podcast
11 The Business Proposal How to deal with burnout as a business owner Podcast

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